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A list of suggestions of what to buy for a child.


wooden blocks in assorted colors and shapes

When buying children’s toys, please take a moment to ensure they are age-appropriate. The following is a short list of some of the many toys that are available today:

  • Baseball, football, soccer ball (the softer version of these sports balls can be purchased for younger children)
  • Building blocks for hours of entertainment
  • An easel with blackboard and colored chalks
  • Coloring books with washable crayons, fingerpaints and plain paper for the young budding artist
  • Board games, action figures, cars, trucks, dolls with accessories
  • Play-Doh (several varieties to choose from)
  • Picture books with easy words, cuddly toys, puzzles
  • A tricycle or bicycle, scooter, sled, ice skates, roller blades with protective joint pads and helmet, a trampoline, a pup tent and air mattress with pillow