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A list of gift ideas for a bridal shower


wedding cake with flowers

  • FOR THE KITCHEN:  Coffee pot, teapot, toaster, blender, electric can opener, steak knife set, roasting pan, frying pan, salad spinner, serving trays, cake pans, baking sheets, cutting board, tea towels, or recipe book

A straw basket filled with a combination of brightly wrapped utensils such as a rolling pin, ice cream scooper, funnels, cheese grater, measuring cups,  wooden spoons, soup ladle, garlic press, spatula, potato masher, meat thermometer, pizza cutter and measuring spoons

  • FOR THE LIVING ROOM:  Scented candles, potted plant, set of coasters, an array of picture frames for displaying family photos
  • FOR THE WASHROOM:  A shower mat, bath and hand towels, face cloths, a pretty basket filled with fancy soaps and lotions
  • FOR THE LAUNDRY ROOM:  A  clothes hamper, an iron with ironing board, a laundry basket filled with detergents, dryer sheets, and fabric softeners