• Things to buy for Dad…THE SPORTS ENTHUSIAST…

Two tickets (for dad and a guest) to attend a spectator sport, a cap, key chain, T-shirt, drinking glasses, towels, calendars, etc. bearing logo, image and/or name of dad’s favorite team or sports figure.

  • Things to buy for Dad…THE FISHERMAN…

Rod, reel, lures, fish finder, rain gear, bug hat, filet knife, sun hat, life jacket, tackle box, flashlight with batteries, sleeping bag with pillow, ice packs and cooler for transporting fish back home, first-aid kit, a whistle, a mirror for signalling when sunny, or a travel mug.

  • Things to buy  for Dad…THE GOLFER…

Pull cart, golf balls and tees, right or left-handed leather glove (buy the left-handed glove if dad is right-handed and vice-versa), golf umbrella, golf cap, T-shirt with collar, ball retriever, club head covers, water bottle, a book or video on how to improve one’s golf game.

  • Things to buy for Dad…THE SKIER…

Turtleneck sweater, goggles, tuque,  ski gloves, neck tube, ski tote with lock, thermal underwear, warm socks.

  • Things to buy for Dad…THE CAR ENTHUSIAST…

Two tickets for dad and his guest to the annual car show (where applicable), car care products, soft brush and chamois cloth, steering wheel cover.  You can also subscribe to a roadside assistance membership club (if he doesn’t already have one).

  • Dad’s favorite cologne or after-shave, bathrobe, slippers or grooming kit.
  • Hobby-related products.
  • Renew dad’s daily newspaper or magazine subscription.
  • Present dad with a new tool for his workbench which he hasn’t yet purchased for himself.
  • A bottle of bubbly or a box of assorted nuts.
  • CD’s for dad’s listening pleasure at home or in his car.



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