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Shopping for gifts is so much easier when we have a list of gift ideas to choose from but, even so, running around from store to store can still make it a daunting task. At times, it seems that no matter how hard we try, the gifts we set out to buy elude us because either we cannot find them, we are in a hurry or we get tired and, as a result, we end up buying whatever seems reasonable so as not to come home empty-handed.

Then comes the question, “What do you buy for someone who has everything?”  Seniors do not need more salad bowls or wine glasses. They need more practical things like a step-stool, landscaping, snow removal or cleaning services.

The younger folks, however, are so much easier to buy for because they are just starting out in life but the shopping list narrows as people get on in years and their needs change.

I hope my carefully-compiled list of gift ideas will help shed some light on what to buy for that special someone.

cartoon of woman thinking with question mark in balloon thought
      What should I get?

Gift suggestions for:


If you are enclosing a card with your gift and need ideas of what to write before signing your name, then click on this link:

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